Words We Live By

Friends and family are asking us about what’s going on at NPR. Like you, I’ve been sharing my anger and frustration. I’ve also been noting that every day I see and hear NPR journalists applying these principles:

-          “Our journalists conduct their work with honesty and respect …”

-          “We hold those who serve and influence the public to a high standard when we report about their actions. We must ask no less of ourselves.”

-          “Journalists who conduct themselves honestly prove themselves worthy of trust.”

-          “Everyone affected by our journalism deserves to be treated with decency and compassion. We are civil in our actions and words, avoiding arrogance and hubris. “

-          “We will fulfill the high standard we owe the public if we hold true to our principles.”

-          “We believe it is our shared responsibility to live up to these principles.”

Many thanks to all who live those ideals.

They’re spelled out, by the way, here.

(“Memmos;” Nov. 6, 2017)

November 6, 2017

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