We’re Barreling Toward A Perfect Storm Of Clichés; Let’s Dodge That Bullet

Since this is the calm before the storm, it’s time again to rain on everyone’s parade and suggest that we should avoid hurricane-related clichés like the plague.

Please remember that:

- There’s no law requiring that we say a hurricane is “barreling” toward shore.

- Hatches are probably not being battened in many homes.

- Mother Nature isn’t furious.

- Communities that escape serious damage didn’t dodge any bullets.

- Cats and dogs will not be falling from the sky.

- Pounding isn’t the only word to describe what’s going to happen.

- Not that many people peel back sardine cans these days; that’s a reference only grampa may get.

I’ve probably missed the boat and forgotten some. Feel free to stick a fork in any others.

(“Memmos;” Aug. 25, 2017)

August 25, 2017

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