They’re ‘Separatist Fighters And Their Russian Allies’

From Chuck Holmes:

Please use “separatist fighters and their Russian allies” to describe the anti-government forces in eastern Ukraine. Using “separatist fighters” alone could suggest that only locals are involved.

Kevin Beesley and Corey Flintoff offer the following guidance:

“Pro-Russian Separatists” could mislead our audience into thinking that most of the fighting is being done by local fighters. There is a lot of evidence that most, though not all, of the anti-government forces involved are Russian citizens – although Russia denies its military is directly involved.

So we’ve come up with another construction that we think more accurately reflects the situation on the ground:

“Separatist fighters and their Russian allies.”

As in:

“After weeks of heavy fighting, a strategic town in eastern Ukraine has fallen to separatist fighters and their Russian allies.”

(Memmos; Feb. 18, 2015)

February 18, 2015

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