They’re ‘Developing’ Or ‘Low Income;’ Not ‘Third World’ Nations

There have been a few times recently when we’ve referred to “third world” nations. As Goats & Soda has previously explained, that’s an out-of-date expression.

We basically agree with The Associated Press:

Third World

“Avoid use of this term. Developing nations is more appropriate when referring to the economically developing nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

“Developing” has its critics, as Goats & Soda noted.┬áBut the word does describe a nation’s situation, without as openly assigning a lesser (“third” vs. “first”) status.

As always, of course, action words can work better than labels. Rather than simply saying a nation is developing, facts about its status can help tell the story.

In summary:

- “Third world” is out.

- “Developing” is OK.

- Action words may be better alternatives.

(“Memmos;” June 1, 2017)

June 1, 2017

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