Sports Talk: Reminders On Potentially Offensive Names And Images

The NFL season is under way. Just in case the team from Washington does something that warrants reporting, please remember that we avoid saying its name. Our guidance is here.

Meanwhile, the baseball team from Cleveland is setting records and could end up in the World Series again. We should avoid using photos that include images of the team’s longtime mascot, Chief Wahoo. As we have previously said:

“At NPR, the policy on ‘potentially offensive language’ applies to the images posted online as well. It begins by stating that ‘as a responsible broadcaster, NPR has always set a high bar on use of language that may be offensive to our audience.’”

If you come across other potentially offensive team names or logos, apply the same thinking as we have in these cases.

(“Memmos;” Sept. 14, 2017)

September 14, 2017

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