Read This Guidance On ‘Lie,’ ‘Liar’ And Other Forms Of That L-word

The next time a politician, press secretary or — yes — president says something that is false, unproven or has no basis in fact, the question will come up:

Do we call it a lie and do we call that person a liar?

Our policy remains the same as it’s been since we put it in writing during the 2016 presidential campaign.

We are not using the L-word.

You can read more about the reasoning here.

Mike Oreskes did say on Morning Edition that no word is “banned” and that NPR has “decided not to use the word lie in most situations.”

Those aren’t loopholes that give correspondents or editors the freedom to decide on their own that the word can be used. Someone from this group (and they all may weigh in) must give the OK: Mike, Edith Chapin, Chris Turpin, Gerry Holmes and Mark Memmott.

(“Memmos;” Jan. 26, 2017)

January 26, 2017

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