Please Read Our New And Improved (We Think) Guidance On Social Media

Wright Bryan, Lori Todd and I – with input from others – have updated and reorganized the Social Media section of the Ethics Handbook.

The basic principles remain the same. But there has been a lot of change in the social media world in the five years or so since the handbook was first published. It was time to add some guidance and tweak our thinking in a couple places.

Please read through it. Like the rest of the handbook, it’s more a discussion of how to think things through rather than a set of rigid rules.

As you see, the guidance is attached to the handbook. If you want to compare it to the previous section about social media, that version is archived here.

Related: You’ve heard that Wright is leaving NPR. His last day is Friday.

I’m glad this update comes before Wright departs because it gives us all the chance to thank him for being a wise guide to the social media world. His thinking is woven throughout NPR’s principles.

You might say he’s set us on the Wright path.

(“Memmos;” July 26, 2017)



July 26, 2017

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