Next Person Who Misspells One Of These Names Has To Listen To Korva Explain The Icing Rule

The list below is not a complete record of names we’ve misspelled in one way or another on more than one occasion. And it’s not being shared because we’re more worried about these names than about others.


The point is that we should get every name right, and we shouldn’t get one wrong more than once – especially a name that is one trusted click away from being checked. We have to CQ names and other key facts. They should be correct in scripts, DACS, Web stories, captions – everywhere.


Today’s list:


Sharron Angle

Cory Booker

Robert Costa

Dick Durbin

Rudy Giuliani


Lindsey Graham

Armie Hammer

Orrin Hatch

Jim Henson

Garry Kasparov


Amy Klobuchar

Nicolás Maduro

Wynton Marsalis

Theresa May

Judith Resnik


Rod Rosenstein

George Stephanopoulos

Jon Tester

Garry Trudeau

Ben Whishaw


(Trust me, Korva can go on about icing.)

(“Memmos;” Oct. 4, 2018)

October 4, 2018

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