If Strangers Want To Talk About NPR? Assume You’re Being Videotaped, ‘Washington Post’ Editor Would Advise

During today’s Poynter Journalism Ethics Summit, here at NPR headquarters, Washington Post editor Martin Baron had this to say about what he’s told his staff since the failed attempt by Project Veritas to plant a false story in the Post:

If strangers start talking to you about your newsroom and how you do your work, “assume that it’s going to be on video.”

The takeaway: As always, it’s important to remember that when we’re in public (and when we’re on social media), we represent NPR. And it seems we must understand that not everyone is who they say they are, or does their work as we do — “in plain sight.”

(“Memmos;” Dec. 4, 2017) 




December 4, 2017

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