Encore! Encore! That’s The Way To Do It!

The best intros to encore reports quickly accomplish a few things. They:

– Let listeners know they’re about to hear something that’s been on the air before.

– Tell listeners why we think the report is worth repeating.

– Give listeners at least a sense of when the piece was first broadcast.

Morning Edition hit all three of those out of the park on Monday before the rebroadcast of a 2009 interview with Ernie Banks, the Chicago Cubs hall of famer who died last week.

Here is how the encore was introduced:

Steve Inskeep: “Now, let’s listen to a man who always conserved hope — Ernie Banks died last week at 83. He was a great player on a losing baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.”


Ernie Banks: “Every year I always looked at spring training as a brand-new year.”

Inskeep: “Banks was famous for saying let’s play two, so it’s fitting we will now play our talk with Ernie Banks a second time. In 2009, we met Banks in a hotel and brought an old recording of a baseball game. …”

The 2009 interview ended with Banks speaking about how as a young man he hoped to some day win the Nobel Peace Prize. Morning Edition then brought listeners back to the present with a bit of music and Steve closed with this:

“Ernie Banks in 2009. He died Friday without that Nobel Prize, but did receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013. It’s Morning Edition from NPR News.”


(Memmos; Jan. 27, 2015)

January 27, 2015

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